State of Mind


Dizzy Wright

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State of Mind - Dizzy Wright Lyrics

Turn my passion into my paycheck, they can't relate yet
He the hottest, well I debate that, cause I know you ain't bumping my tape yet (don't lie)
Getting high, where the vape at? A little something to ease my mental
Four Agreements on my Kindle, yiggity yuh, my design reminder
Going ham in the line to fire, never not working until I'm an expert
Success is a state of mind, and in due time, you gon hear my best work (what)
I'm strictly about my business, too many niggas is bout that "let's work"
Tryna swim with the sharks without catching yo breath first, nigga wait a minute
Dizzy gets down, nigga this is his town
When you learn how much you worth you will stop giving out discounts
Gotta quiet all of these critics, the most devoted in my division
They do it for the mentions, but I never trade respect for attention
Y'all don't hear me, demons near me, yes I'm on my own
100 songs that sound alike, you better get out yo comfort zone
Run along until I'm gone from an unsolved crime
Don't act surprised, yo state of mind gon change when I get a trial, that's why I
Picked up the yoga, put down the soda
My healthy mind, that's what's gon help me over
Life of a stoner if you still concerned
I never lose, I only win or learn
It's all about yo state of mind I told em it's hard to be the man that never gives up
Lightweights and so, but ain't nobody made it but us
See dedications a must, I'm up after you and before you
Whether you popping in this moment, or before me, I'm coming for you
Ignore the hate, you niggas ain't qualified to even be occupied
Don't fake the funk, we blaze the blunt, we never compromise
Focus, I'm bringing this funky shit in doses
With a ashtray full of roaches, ripping that real shit with emotion
My city say I'm the closest, so I'm open for new suggestions
My mind found all the answers, my heart switched up all the questions
Yo shit getting ejected while I'm out painting my reflection
The secret weapon respected from all the topics I be addressing (uh-oh)
From time to time it's hard to advise these niggas that's tryna rhyme
Cause money ain't everything but yo state of mind become them dollar signs
Poison the planet, y'all feeding off all kinda lies
And these new slaves is mentally traumatized, y'all don't hear me though
We got on my shoulders, my purpose shows I deserve it
I ain't saying it's finna be easy, I'm telling y'all it's finna be worth it (preach)
When my time come I'm just tryna have my season like Mr. Yeezus
This my state of mind before The Second Agreement, better believe it, so I

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